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Albion Narrations: The Enemy Within

Frank Collin (Cohen) Jewish pederast who liked to dress up as a ‘nazi’.

Colin Jordan was very concerned that National Socialism should remain pure and not be compromised through a wish to be popular with the masses. He saw quality as being far more important than quantity and was distressed to see people claiming to be NS, while behaving in ways that were detrimental to the cause. He called these people ‘the enemy within’ and included among them the Hollywood nazis who choose to dress up in period clothing at the weekend while getting drunk during the week.

He was also concerned that people would water down NS doctrines so that they might become more ‘liberal’. Making special exceptions for Jews and homosexuals was something that he foresaw happening to nationalism and he was quite correct in his fears. In this essay he explains why it is so essential that they be kept away from nationalist groups and what is likely to happen if this ruling is not observed.

He also singles out for specific criticism some of the skinhead groups that had become involved in nationalism. He thought that they would not stay the course and were a bad influence. If he was alive today, I think he would probably accept that he should not have been so harsh. Many of the oldest activists who have been involved in nationalism for decades, started out as those young skinheads that he was so critical of.

The National Front are also still around, although with nowhere near the influence that they once had. Perhaps if they had paid attention to his well-meaning criticism at the time, then the problems they later encountered could have been averted.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: The Enemy Within


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  1. Looking at that photo of Frankie "Collin", my Jew meter is pegged at 10. Were these self-professed "Nazis" that stupid, i.e., blind, not to see the swarthy kike fuhrer in their midst? Whatever the case, this Jewish chameleon was in cahoots with his fellow Jews (one way or another) in kick starting what was to become an endless wave of Jewish (fake) holocaust propaganda and sob stories and extortion that continues in greater and greater intensity down to this very day.


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