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Albion Narrations: Hitler - The Man Against Time And The Man Of The Century

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The forces of chaos and destruction have been gathering strength since the beginning of creation. As the ages advance, the world around us becomes more corrupt and immoral, as the natural state of all things is to decay over time. Our job is to stand in the way of that force and to hold it back, by gaining inspiration from what was good about the past and using it to help us shape our future.

Hitler stood against the forces of darkness and harnessed the will of an entire nation in order to hold back the relentless march of time. There was no diversity in Hitler’s Germany, no homosexual marriage, no teaching children about anal sex or confusing of their gender. All those twisted ideas and policies would have taken root in Weimar Germany many decades ago, had Hitler not managed to destroy their first form so that they could not take place until generations later.

No-one else has ever had such an effect on their people, or left such a legacy for the future. The philosophy of National Socialism stands the test of time because it is timeless. The truths within it are eternal truths based in natural law, that were the same back then, at the beginning and in the now. 

This is why today, 70 years after Hitler’s death, his spirit is truly rising again all around the White world as people realise that within his teachings lie the blueprint for success. Colin Jordan realised the importance of the Hitler doctrine and wrote many essays about it for his Gothic Ripples magazine. The two narrated here, were from the centenary of his birth.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Hitler - The Man Against Time And The Man Of The Century


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