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Albion Narrations: National Socialism - World Creed for the Future II

National Socialism and the Occult - Thule and the New Messiah - Knight of the Grail - Der Bannerträger -1934 - Hubert Lanzinger - Peter Crawford

In the middle part of Colin Jordan’s essay he identifies six tasks for modern day National Socialists and these are:

1. To purify and develop the creed of National Socialism. To constantly refine it down to it’s essence and then to apply it’s principles to life today.

2. We need to build a new elite and by the very definition of the word, we will not find them by appealing to the masses but through assessing our own people for the most capable among us, before encouraging them and helping them in their task.

3. Our attention must be concentrated on attaining gradual power through infiltration and stealth, rather than burning ourselves out trying to beat the parliamentary system at its own game.

4. All chances to apply National Socialist principles in the microcosm, must be taken. This could mean home education for children, setting up pro-White communities and instructing youth in racial history and politics.

5. Daring feats that gain large amounts of mainstream publicity for our cause are worth far more than posting leaflets through letterboxes. The more innovative and grandiose the stunt the better, the audacity will impress the public and let those sympathetic to our views know that a dedicated resistance group does exist.

6. The old order must be broken down in order for us to build the new one. Every chance there is to help it on its way must be taken and whenever a spanner can be safely thrown in the works, we should do it. Our own online media is becoming very good at this, pointing out the inconsistencies and incompetence of our controlled politicians, along with the insanity of the equality agenda.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: National Socialism – World Creed for the Future II


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