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Albion Narrations: National Socialism - World Creed for the Future III


National Socialism means rejecting decadence of all kinds, including decadent music and immoral art. At the time when Colin Jordan was writing this, rap music had yet to become mainstream and the worst music of his era, would seem positively tame compared to most modern music videos which resemble soft pornography more than anything else. We should stand against this assault on our senses and point out where art is ugly or music is degenerate. Similarly we should not seek to use that which is degenerate in its essence, even if it is popular. Flashing a pair of breasts will get people’s attention as Femen regularly demonstrate, but to use tactics like that would be to negate our message. 

Jordan also rails against petty nationalism, pointing out how it has led to many of our people preferring to cause harm to their own nations, rather than back down and eat humble pie. National Socialism was about acknowledging both the nation and the race. We need to have loyalty to both and when it comes down to it, our loyalty to race needs to take precedent. We are being forced to acknowledge this especially since the inception of the EU and the third world invasion, as all European Nations are now facing the same threat and we have an enemy in common for once, instead of it being each other. America has led the way in this respect for many years, being the birthplace of White Nationalism due to the many White nations that originally formed the new nationality that is American.

The folk must come first and the White nations of the world must unite, if we are to throw off the shackles of oppression and regain control over the destiny of our nations. Either our ideas will dominate, or our opponents' will and for the good of the world, it has to be our ideology that wins.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: National Socialism - World Creed for the Future III


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