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Albion Narrations: National Socialism - A Philosophical Appraisal

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Colin Jordan traces the roots of National Socialism back to Greece and Plato’s conception of a natural life, with the government providing the impetus to the full realisation of man’s nature. This was also echoed in the idea of Roman citizenship and even in the Nordic tribes concept of community, that man was nothing without his people and that he should always strive to achieve the best for his folk and never settle for anything less.

Right and wrong in National Socialism is based around what is good or bad for the race and Jordan sees this as being similar to a faith, although Hitler did not want to see National Socialism take the place of religion. It is faith in our people that encourages us to strive for the best for our people, if we did not have faith in their intrinsic worth, then we would not be willing to die in battle for them.

This faith in our folk flows from a knowledge of our history and the great men that were a part of our race stretching far back into the distant past. The more we know about our history, the closer we feel to our people. This is not something that any other race could be a part of and the idea that nations can be built upon shared ideals rather than shared ethnicity is a recipe for disaster.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: National Socialism - A Philosophical Appraisal


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