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Albion Narrations: National Socialism – World Creed for the Future


Although the National Socialist state was defeated in 1945, the National Socialist doctrine itself can never be defeated. The whole creed was based around never giving in and never giving up. It is about using the struggle in order to better yourself. By overcoming the obstacles placed in our way by our enemies, we learn more about our own capabilities and that struggle is required in order to improve them.

National Socialism was not something of its time, but something outside of time. Although based on the laws of nature and thus unchanging, the ways these laws are to be interpreted and made use of depends on the society and the people that are applying them. Each country has its own traditions and culture and NS was about honouring those traditions and ensuring that they remained relevant. Today this could be applied to the resurgence of historically White religious doctrines being interpreted through a racial lense, that are not preached from a pulpit or a lodge, but through blogs and websites made available to people through the internet.

Instead of listening to speeches in working men’s clubs and having to fight off communists, we are now able to download podcasts or videos and digest them in the relative safety of our own homes. Although this means less physical social contact, it does mean that the information is available to everyone and if the internet was not also used for porn, then that end could be said to justify the means.

In this first part of a trilogy of Colin Jordan Narrations, the author explains how National Socialism proved that the end could justify the means, but only if those means were in harmony with the end. To make compromises with Jews and homosexuals however, would be to betray the spirit of this doctrine, but to speak out against the problems caused by them, while not attacking the people themselves, could gain support and lead people to discover the source of the problems for themselves.

Like most of Jordan’s writings, this essay remains relevant today and his insights into the dangers of compromising with enemies, are particularly prescient.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: National Socialism – World Creed for the Future


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