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Albion Narrations: Party Time Has Ended


Colin Jordan saw the party political system as a dead-end for nationalism. He saw the electoral system as being rigged against any alternative party right from the start. He would appear to be correct in this, when you look at how much support UKIP had among the population at the last election, yet all that support only managed to translate itself into one seat in parliament. So rather than waste time fighting to win an unwinnable battle, he looked for other ways that National Socialism could be implemented.

Since there will eventually be a collapse of the system, he decided he would try to form parallel institutions to the mainstream ones, so that they would be there ready to take over when the system did eventually fail. He also encouraged the use of what is now known as ‘entryism’. Where a person joins an organisation not because they agree with the views of that organisation, but because they wish to change it’s policies, or use a position of power within it to influence society.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Party Time Has Ended


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