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British Renaissance: Jez Turner and Andrew Brons

Jez Turner
Recorded at the first British Renaissance meeting in Southport November 30th 2015.

First up is Jez Turner with a speech entitled ‘Don’t Mention the Jews’ which was pretty much the theme of the day - trying to give people the confidence to speak about the Jews publically. There were representatives from most of the nationalist groups in Britain there, including British Democratic Party, UKIP, BNP, British Unity, British Voice etc. Jez Turner himself has been involved in nationalism for over 30 years and has spent the last decade fronting the hugely popular ‘London Forum.’

Starting off with a quote from Byron Jez went on to show how the repression of free speech has increased so much since the time of Byron that if he were to write the poem today, he would be attacked and silenced for being an Anti-Semite – someone who does not appreciate the Jews having so much power and speaks out about it publically.

7 June 2009......  Andrew Brons BNP euro elections for Yorkshire and Humber in Leeds
Andrew Brons
Next up is Andrew Brons, who is now the chairman of the British Democratic Party and before that was a BNP MEP. Andrew’s speech concentrated on the distortion of scientific research into race. Nobody dare point out nowadays that being a criminal could be genetic, yet there is a wealth of evidence to prove this. The subversion of race research began with Franz Boas and Brons goes on to detail what has happened to the discipline of anthropology since then.

Culture comes from the people that create it, the culture does not create the people. You cannot parachute in low-IQ savages from Africa and then expect them to magically turn into civilised beings once they set foot on European soil. Negroes have had contact with civilised peoples for thousands of years, yet never have they been capable of maintaining a civilisation of their own and that is not about to change now.

If Europe is to survive then we have to stop allowing these creatures into our countries and the ones that are here already, have to be sent back. We need to have the courage to speak up about this and hopefully everyone at the meeting will now be determined to do so, knowing that they have the full support of British Renaissance when they do.

Speeches given by Jez Turner and Andrew Brons

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