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Albion Narrations: Christian Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire

Judas (The Jew) Iscariot betrays his benefactor, Christ. 

This is my favourite narration from 2015. I enjoyed doing this one particularly because it is a subject close to my heart and I felt able to add some commentary along with it. Not to contradict anything, but to add more evidence for Kevin MacDonald’s original conclusion, that Christianity was the first ever organised resistance to the Jews. It was highly successful as well, once it had an influence on the law-making processes of the Roman empire. Far from trying to convert the Jews, the early Church fathers like Saint John Chrysostum (the golden-tongued) said their 'souls were lodging places for demons' and even that killing them all was too good for them. This was not an exception to the rule but a continuation of the narrative that Christ himself started, who had called them sons of the Devil and the master of the lie.

Jews were banned from marrying gentiles, banned from public office, banned from testifying in court, banned from teaching and banned from owning gentile slaves. They were not seen as candidates for Christianity but entirely excluded from it. The Jews of today remember this well, but our Christian nations appear to have forgotten it. Forces have been working all this time since then to destroy the church, starting with spurious gospels and sects and now mainly through claiming a shared Jewish origin to Christianity, which would have seemed so absurd to Christians of the first millennium as to have been impossible.

Highly respected Catholic scholars Michael Hoffman and E Michael Jones have both written extensively on how the religion of Judaism did not take form until centuries after Christ and how it was their exclusion from Christianity that provided the catalyst for it. They use the holocaust today in exactly the same way to increase Jewish in-group cohesiveness and to encourage Jews to move to Israel.

Kevin MacDonald shows in his essay that the Jews of the time had inserted themselves into the Roman aristocracy and were sucking the wealth out of the nations they were embedded among. They had even taken over the monarchy and the priesthood of Judea, Herod being a Judean by place of birth and not by race, as confirmed by Josephus and Strabo. While the people were still pagan though, resistance to them was only at an individual level and there was no actual criticism of the Jews as a unit, there was no condemnation of the Jewish racial character at all until the church fathers were allowed to preach in public.

If we had kept to the strict laws that the church started out with then the Jews would never have been able to gain a foothold. They were driven out of the Byzantine empire because they were unable to function as Jews within it. This led to them flowing into Khazaria and on into Eastern Europe, where they still faced stiff opposition, but not stiff enough, as corrupt kings and weak popes gradually weakened the laws of God to such an extent that the Jew was able to reassert himself in Europe and take power again like he had in Judea.

The way to defeat the Jews is no different today than it was then. If we went back to our Christian bible and obeyed the laws within it, then the Jews would not be able to operate banking houses, or make degenerate Hollywood films, pornography would be a thing of the past and homosexuals would never dare flaunt their perversion in public. Race-mixing would be outlawed and a Jew would not be allowed into any position of authority over a White man. Sixty percent of our people identify as Christian yet probably less than one percent are aware of the anti-Semitic origins of their religion. This Narration details those lesser known facts of history.

All four episodes have been slightly edited down and spliced into one, with a few other sound improvements.

Narration and commentary by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: Christian Anti-Semitism in the Late Roman Empire


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  1. At the end of this narration I meant to say 'Artificer' and not 'Artisan'.


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