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Albion Narrations: White Supremacy and 'Negro' Subordination I


This has to be one of the most illuminating books written about race during the slavery era, both for its insight into the affection held by the author for the 'Negroes' and for its refreshing lack of political correctness in assessing racial differences:

JH Van Evrie goes into great detail describing these differences and then finds analogies to them in the rest of the natural world. Many of these differences people may have never even thought of before, such as the fact that pure 'Negroes' do not have beards. Any 'Negro' that does, must have an infusion of White blood and actually be a 'Mulatto'. The other races do not grow much of a beard either, it is only the White man that is capable of growing a luxuriant fully grown beard. It starts to grow as the White male starts to become a man and becomes fully developed once the man is fully developed.

Using this example, we can see that the Caucasian is the most fully developed race, while the 'Negro' is the least developed. In the same way that a child imitates and learns from his older brothers, the 'Negro' imitates and learns from the superior race when he is placed alongside it. When on his own, the 'Negro' has no example to imitate and reverts back to savagery, as we see throughout the world in the areas that contain only 'Negroes'.

The book was written at the end of the slavery era in 1867 and the author seeks to show that slavery was not cruel to the 'Negro', but is his natural position in the hierarchy of being, since every creature on earth has a purpose and nature is never wasteful. There must be a reason for the 'Negro’s' being and that reason is found when he is juxtaposed with the White man, which also helps the White man to realise just how special and blessed the White race is.

The author suggests that if the 'Negro' had the same faculties as a White man, then there would be a way of showing those faculties, such as embarrassment, shame, love, sympathy etc. But these emotions can never be visible on a face that is as Black as coal. If the 'Negro' did have these abilities, then the creator cursed him never to be able to show them, which flies in the face of every other creature whose form is intricately tied up with its function. The 'Negro’s' form limits his function in many ways, not just in showing emotion but even in the shape of his head, which does not allow room for the larger sized brain of the White man, or even the centre of gravity required to have one without falling over.

These first three chapters explain why it is that people were being deceived into thinking that Blacks were the same as Whites and some of the reasons may surprise you, such as a desire to distract people from the plight of the White underclass at the time. Just like today, many would prefer to help the poor oppressed starving Black man, than do anything to alleviate conditions for their White brothers. After that, some of the ways that we differentiate between species and kinds are discussed, with a view to using these criteria to define whether the 'Negro' really is just a White man in black skin, as the abolitionists were claiming at the time.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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  1. Dear Sven, I had written a longer comment only to find there is a limit but suffice it to say that to be honest I don't think that this kind of article does you much credit -- I myself am of Nordic and Celtic descent and over the years have, despite the indoctrination, been able to understand that we have been told huge lies and I would agree with those that say that there is a war against the white race but at the same time, having lived in the company of blacks and other races I have learnt to appreciate the QUALITIES of all races. One of the things that most impressed me when reading some SS literature was that they were into the idea that all races elevate their level and this would lead to harmony and respect between the human beings. With all respect this kind of article does nothing for that. There is much more I wish to say but space doesn;t allow. Best Wishes

    1. The article just describes the Narration. If you listened to it you would see that the author was motivated out of concern for both the Negroes and the Whites.

      There is no point to pretending these differences do not exist and it would be of great benefit to people if they actually researched what the original White Supremacists were saying, as they were really good people who were not blinded by political correctness and just wanted the best for both races.

      They succeeded in elevating the Negro race in America to a far higher level than he is currently at today, by encouraging him to imitate the White man, rather than by telling him he was equal to the White man and then enacting policies to disadvantage the White man.

      Negroes are not stupid and a large part of the contempt they show for us, is due to our refusal to acknowledge the incredible gifts we have that separate us from them and our apparent total ingratitude and indifference to those gifts.

      We do not have to behave like Negroes, whereas they have no choice.

      The SS were not living in a multicultural society like those of the South had for hundreds of years, so I would not be looking to them for guidance on how the relations between Whites and Blacks should be.

      It really is a fascinating book and I am very much enjoying narrating it. I wish I had ancestors as philanthropic and with such concern for others, as these so called racist White Supremacist slave masters of the South.



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