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Albion Narrations: White Supremacy and 'Negro' Subordination II


The White race is the only race that brings the gifts of civilisation with it when it arrives somewhere. The only other people to come close, the Mongoloids, have no real history at all from before the time of Christ. They have records yes, but no actual remains of any previous civilisation and the traces of habitation that can be found in China, show the original inhabitants to have been White.  

Thanks to the discovery of writing, knowledge was able to be passed down from one to generation to the next, gradually accumulating over the years and allowing our race to continue its advance up until now. The 'Negro' however has never even had an alphabet and has never been able to pass information from one generation to the next. The history of the world is the history of the White race, there is no history of the Black race and his society was exactly the same at the time of this book, as it was at the dawn of time. 

The author claims the 'Negro' has done nothing whatsoever to contribute to our civilisation other than to provide menial labour and does not deserve any of the rights he has been given, because he is incapable of understanding the duties that come with those rights. Democracy was only ever intended to apply to people of the same race, the idea that a creature who had never contributed to developing a system of governance should then have a say in how a White country should be run, just by virtue of his being born there would have been laughed out of Athens if it had ever been suggested. 

The final one of these three Narrations deals with the colour difference between the races and demonstrates how an incredible amount of information about a White man can be discovered just by looking at his face. His virtues, inner nature, modesty, the very moral nature of a man can be told from the features of their face. None of this can be detected on a 'Negro's face though and the author suggests the reason for this can only be that he is not actually capable of experiencing certain states of being.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

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