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Albion Narrations: White Supremacy and 'Negro' Subordination IV


Just because the races can interbreed with one another does not mean that they are all the same species. There are many different species that can be forced to breed with one another and that will be able to produce offspring. However the laws of nature are such that this offspring will always be weaker than those of a single species, more susceptible to disease and tend to die out of their own accord if they breed with one another. The author of this book believed that 'Mulattoes' would become unviable after the fourth generation after observing this happen for himself and if this is true, then the 'Mulattoes' we see around today must have had either a pure 'Negro' or a pure Caucasian for at least one parent in the previous four generations. This may be the case, but it could also be that the author saw each generation of 'Mulattoes' were less virile than the last and thought that they could not continue interbreeding without dying out. It may even be that on a large scale where you have entire nations with a small portion of their DNA coming from another race the degenerative effects are diminished, as we do see entire nations composed of mixed types in South America that show no sign yet of tending towards extinction.

The author also observes that the 'Mulattoes' tended to be even more sexually promiscuous than the 'Negroes', especially the female ones, with many of them turning to prostitution and spreading disease. The tendency to extreme violence and a criminal lifestyle is also remarked upon.

He was not writing this out of any hatred for the Blacks, or any desire to rule over lesser races however, but out of an altruistic wish to see that the 'Negroes' remained 'Negroes' and were not turned into a mixed race. Unfortunately, if you go by his descriptions of the pure 'Negro' type, there are very few of them left in America today. This accounts for the slightly higher IQ of the American 'Negro' than the African 'Negro', as well as the beard and lighter tint to the African American’s skin.

The third podcast explains the history of the 'Negro' slave trade, how the Arabs started it and used to castrate their slaves to prevent them from breeding. The White man never did anything so cruel to them and the author is concerned that when the trade to America first started, there were not enough females purchased in order to provide wives for the males. Not that the 'Negro' ever had a tradition of marriage, but they usually did form some kind of relationship with the females that they impregnated. There will be more on the subject of marriage and the 'Negro's later imitation of it later on in the series.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Van Evrie

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  1. Really marvellous work Sven. Thank you very much

  2. Your thanks are much appreciated David, we have quite a few special guests lined up for the New Year as well as some new programs for you.

  3. Unfortunately weaker whites are naturally traitors to the superior white race/cause.


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