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Jez Turner: Syria and the Deep State


Jez Turner speaks at a recent protest against British sabotage of the Syrian State.

In the speech he goes over the history of the conflict and why ZOG  is so desperate to take down Bashar al Assad.

Britain cannot even secure her own borders, let alone the borders of Syria, yet still Cameron takes us to war against them.

The Deep State is the real power behind this, the secret state, the state which controls the puppets that fight the elections for them.

That controls the banks, the media and the education system.

The money, the minds and the governments.

They even control many Moslem states, through their crypto-Jews and secret societies.

If by some slim chance, a genuine party of the people slips past them, then the Deep State moves in to remove them.

This is what happened to Syria and it will happen to any country that stands against the Jew World Order.

This is why we should support Bashar al Assad and this is why we should support Putin.

Because they are the only two countries standing up to ZOG - for the moment.

Speech by Jez Turner outside Syrian Embassy December 4th 2015

Download (15:50)

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