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Albion Narrations: The Races of South America


JH Van Evrie, author of ‘White Supremacy and Negro Subordination’ explains the history of the conquest of America and the races involved in it, up to the end of the Civil War. Instead of seeing the conquest as shameful, he sees the subduing of the aborigines as a glorious undertaking only possible due to the high standards and moral character of the colonists. Having already gone into what happened in the North, this time he concentrates on the South and specifically the heroic Spanish adventurers and the phenomenal challenges they faced.

Along the way he describes the character of the different Indian tribes and assesses them for their usefulness to the White man. Unlike the Black Africans they did have a small culture of their own and because of this, they were not so easily trained and did not make good slaves. The Spaniards soon realised a solution to this problem however and started importing Blacks to do the work instead. This meant many of the Indians were left in poverty unable to make enough to survive, but the Catholic Church soon stepped in and started playing the role of provider that the slave master had previously.

South America had a lot more available resources than North America and would have far surpassed the North, if it had not been for one fatal mistake that was made. When they had their revolution and declared their independence, they enlisted the help of the Mestizoes and the Blacks to fight on their side, with the promise of equal citizenship after. Although there was still a White aristocracy, there was no segregation and no laws made forbidding intermarriage between the races. Predictably they soon started interbreeding together and the pure strains found themselves a minority, with the masses being made up of mixed types to varying degrees who inherited the worst traits from each race and were unable to even maintain the standards of the Old World, let alone forge ahead with the New.

A different situation gave rise to the same result in the islands, with the freed Black slaves again interbreeding with the Whites and turning what had been tropical island paradises, into crime-ridden hell holes full of voodoo and drug-use.

The example of South America and the islands should have been enough to prevent anything similar happening in the North, but one hundred years after this book was written, White America was forced into doing the same. If only books like this had continued to be published and read, it might have prevented that from happening, but as well as infiltrating the government and buying up the media, mainly Jewish individuals also bought up all the publishing houses and prevented information like this from being spread.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Van Evrie

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