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Albion Narrations: White Supremacy and 'Negro' Subordination VII


It is only the White man who is biologically suited to all climates and regions of the earth. It is also only the White man who has travelled to these places, not fleeing from danger but seeking to colonise and expand, to provide territory for the future generations.  The other races are biologically suited only to the areas in which they were originally found living in. If it were not for us graciously sharing our technology with these races, they would still be limited only to their original sphere of influence.

The author of this fantastic book, JH Van Evrie describes why it is that only the White man is capable of surviving inland in the northern latitudes, how it requires great skill in knowing weather patterns, planting times, seasons and tides and all the sort of things that 'Negroes' have never had to learn to do in Africa. The White man has to save his food through the winter and ensure that he has enough to last until summer. If we did not have these inbuilt capabilities that separate us from the 'Negro', then we too would have been limited to only one particular climate. Part of our industrious nature is the ability to see uses for various plants and creatures that appear in the natural world and our usage of the 'Negro' for work that he was best adapted to, was just applying this ability to the benefit of both races.

The second chapter covered here contains some incredible insights into the inspiration for the Declaration of Independence. Where this book was written less than a hundred years afterwards, it has to be taken as being far more accurate in its assessment than anything written later than this time. The author explains how the Declaration would never have come about if the White man had not been sharing his territory with the 'Negro'. When we look around at each other, it is quite clear to us that there is no equality among White men, we all differ to one another in a variety of ways. But when the White race is compared to the Black race, then we are all equal to each other. It is only with the juxtaposition of an entirely different sub-species living alongside us, that we could ever be described as being equal to one another.

This proves that the Declaration that all men are equal, could never have been intended to apply to 'Negroes', for it is only when 'Negroes' are entirely excluded from it that the premise is correct. The author was not trying to show that 'Negroes' should not be included, for that would have seemed impossible to him. He was just explaining how the Declaration came about and in doing so, he inadvertently provides conclusive proof that to include 'Negroes' in the Declaration is not only unlawful, but renders it an entirely meaningless piece of paper.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the book by JH Van Evrie

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