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The Stormer Report: Rape-Jihad in the Heart of Europe


Andrew Anglin joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the rape-jihad in Europe and the Jewish conspiracy against Donald Trump in America.

Starting with recent events at the National Review, Anglin explains how prominent Jews have created a manifesto to try and dissuade conservatives from supporting Trump. Essentially it was asking them to stop trying to conserve things and to start supporting a war with Russia instead.

Every single one of the subversives calling for this was a Jew, as can be clearly seen from the pictures identifying them in the article.

Trump mainly seems to have upset Liberals with his call to ban Moslems from America, but this statement of his gets more support for him around the world by the day.

After the atrocious behaviour by the Mohammedans in Germany on New Year’s Eve, it has been revealed that mass sexual assaults have been taking place all over Europe but the authorities have been ordered to keep silent about it.

This will only serve to embolden the enemy and their crimes will become even more filthy and depraved. Already they range from defecating in swimming pools to raping and murdering children and pensioners, how much more will people be expected to withstand before there is all out war on the streets?

This behaviour of the sand-people can be seen as part of a wider picture, where nature itself desires to get back to harmony and does so by giving the different races opposing cultures, in order to help keep them apart. This clash of culture will also lead to women having to accept their natural status once more and they will have to start looking for men who will defend them. They will not be able to continue playing at being ‘empowered females’ in an environment infested with Moslem gang-rapists and they really only have themselves to blame for this, as they were the ones shouting the loudest to let the rapefugees in.

It is such a shame that it has to come to this to get our people to reject the foreign primitives, but reject them we must and eject them we will.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Andre Anglin

The Stormer Report: Rape-Jihad In The Heart Of Europe


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  1. Ficki ficki is actually German. "Ficken" means "to fuck".

    1. Yes, it is an Arabic bastardisation of the German language, similar to how Yiddish is a Jewish bastardisation of the same language.

  2. Informative post.

  3. Rape is the new name of jihad. We see it in Germany. I think is more conscious about this. Who could do it now, everybody knows that.Kirpal Singh


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