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Aryan Insights: Juhani Keranen–Nordic Resistance Movement (Finland)

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Juhani Keränen is the Nordic Resistance Movement Group Leader for the city of Oulu in Finland. He is also the talkshow host for Riimuradio, Finnish Resistance Radio.

The Swedish Resistance Movement was formed according to National Socialist principles in the nineties and was soon to become the Nordic Resistance Movement, spreading to Norway, Finland and now also Denmark. The Finland branch began in 2008 and have seen a huge increase in growth since last year. Juhani talks about the early history of the movement and how they have grown from being a purely activist group to now having a political platform in Sweden. As well as regular ideological studies they also host self defence courses, survival camps and now also their own talkshow. The group makes good use of any talents that members bring to the table, putting National Socialist philosophy into practice and making some of the best activist videos around.

Finland has been in the news lately for the Soldiers of Odin street patrols, but it was originally NRM that started up the first street patrols, alongside winter-aid programs for the poor with much-needed medical advice. They wish the Odins all the best however and are pleased that they are having success in what they are doing.

Last year all the comment sections on the mainstream sites were shut down in Finland, which has led to the success of alternative media like MV Lehti, who have featured articles on NRM as well as world war two revisionism, something which is close to the hearts of the NRM members. Juhani talks about the rise of this alternative media, the mainstream nationalist political party of the True Finns and the general nationalist scene there, before looking back at Finland’s glorious nationalist past.

Before and during the war years, Finland had National Socialist and Fascist movements that had some degree of success. One particular favourite action of theirs was to take Marxists for a trip to the border with Russia and then to let them out, saying if you like it so much then you can go and live there. On one memorable occasion this was almost done to the Finnish president.

The threat of the Communist menace was something that was turned to good use though, as it served to unite the Finnish people against a common foe in the famous winter war, where 300,000 heroic Finns took on the million-man strong Red Army and won. A truce was declared and Finland had a narrow escape from being a part of the USSR.

Finally Juhani talks about Finnish myths and folklore, how they differ from Germanic and Celtic myths, yet still have some things in common. JRR Tolkein took inspiration from these folk tales for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and they still play an important role in Finnish culture today.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Special Guest Juhani Keranen

Aryan Insights: Juhani Keranen – Nordic Resistance Movement (Finland)


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