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Albion Narrations: Black Innovation


Taken from an essay by VS Herrell, this narration deals with an insidious deception that has been waged against everyone. This deception is the myth of Black invention and innovation. Due to the Blacks being imported into America and once there being taught how to read, write and wear clothes, it was thought expedient that they ought to also be taught about the history of mankind. Due to accurate history only being passed down through the medium of writing however, there was no history of the Blacks to speak of, since they never even had an alphabet. In fact Blacks had remained exactly the same from the time of the pharaohs until now.

This caused well meaning but misguided White men to grow worried that the Blacks might suffer from low self esteem, if they ever found out they had no history and had never contributed anything of note to civilisation. So they decided that rather than tell them the truth, they would lie to them instead and create a fictional history for them. As with all lies, this led to a requirement for even more deceptions on top of the first and eventually there came a need for there to be fictional Black inventors and scientists, in order to pretend to them that they were ‘equal’ to all the White innovators, who are actually responsible for up to 99% of all technology ever used in the world.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the essay by VS Herrell

Aryan Narrations: Black Innovation


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