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Albion Narrations: The 'Negro' Problem


‘The Negro Problem’ was written in 1891 by W Cabell Bruce at a time when 'Negroes' supported the Republican Party. The Blacks had only recently been given the vote and the general feeling at the South was that they had not earned it. There was a lot of resentment that they had been given the same freedoms as the White man, when they had no understanding of the duties that come with those freedoms.

Instead of giving them full equality with the Caucasian, the author suggests they should have been given equality in stages and been made to prove they were deserving of it first. That way, there would not have been so much antagonism between the two races. He gives the example of 'Negro'-controlled governments in Africa and Haiti, showing that they were not capable of doing what was best for their people and just did what was best for their individual selves instead, accepting bribes and caring little for their own kind. How then, could they be expected to have an interest in what was best for the members of another race, whose territory they were sharing?

All the other settlers to America came of their own accord and had an interest in seeing the new republic succeed, however the 'Negroes' were brought there as property, expecting to be taken care of and fed, with no interest at all of building a new outpost of civilisation. While slavery was in operation there had been a mutually beneficial relationship between the two races, but now that it had been abolished, the relationship between them had soured and resentment was growing in it’s place.

When the 'Negro' was seen as a less developed race he looked up to the Whites and was grateful for all that was given him. As soon as he was told he was equal to us, the fact that he was not and never could actually be equal to us as he is a different sub-species of man, caused the hatred towards his former masters to be born.  

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from the essay by W Cabell Bruce

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