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The Stormer Report: The Tide is Turning

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Lee Rogers from InfoStormer drops by again to discuss the most important news stories from around the world in The Daily Stormer.

This week there has been a lot of good news, starting with Trump’s glorious win at the South Carolina primary and the inglorious defeat of Jeb Bush.

Lee explains the complicated American electoral system and Sven congratulates the voters on not being swayed by the Jewish media, who have taken things to a new low by wheeling the Pope out and calling The Donald ‘The Antichrist’.

Winning the last two primaries has meant all previous contenders winning the Republican election, so Trump is now the favoured contender to be the GOP candidate.

In Britain Cameron has finally returned from Brussels with his new deal, which is pretty much the same as the old deal. A referendum on leaving the EU will be held in June and already the Conservative party have started a mutiny against Cameron. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will both be supporting the leave the EU campaign and they may just take all the Conservative party supporters with them, leaving Cameron with egg on his face and having to step down as leader if the majority then vote to leave.

The Conservative party in Britain no longer represent the wishes of their supporters, just like the Republican party in America and this referendum could be the catalyst to start a similar process to the one Trump has begun, raising the forces of the silent majority to make its presence felt at last.

All over Europe the discontent is palpable, you cannot just shut down all the comment sections and then expect the problem to go away. The majority of those people venting were not nationalists, but just your ordinary man on the street, who is now getting a rude awkening to the fact we no longer have ‘free speech’ anywhere in Europe. France has even started arresting prominent public figures who dare to speak up about the White replacement agenda, along with Germany and Holland. This will just make people even more frustrated, if we are denied a voice and what we do say gets ignored, then there is really only one way left for us to express our disapproval.

At the moment the street patrols are just making a show of being there to reassure the public, but if the police keep being overwhelmed by the hordes and are unable to keep order, then it will not be long before direct action becomes necessary just to protect our people and once that happens, it wont be long before the traitors themselves are tried in a court of law and hanged until dead.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Lee Rogers

The Stormer Report: The Tide is Turning


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