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Yorkshire Forum: David Yorkshire–Ted Hughes, A Liberal in Spite of Himself


David Yorkshire is the publisher of Mjolnir magazine, which is dedicated to showcasing White talent and White culture.

In this speech he subjects the famous Yorkshire poet and committed Liberal Ted Hughes to scrutiny.

Hughes wrote many poems about nature and was immersed in the countryside when he was a child. Yet there was a disconnect between that and his ideology, instead of realising that the human world needed to based on the natural order too, he became a Marxist.

Liberals think that life needs correcting, that it is somehow not right and all needs to be equal. But every nation has an elite, because we are not equal. The problem we have is that our elite believe they are above nature and that nature has got things wrong.  They think they can spite nature and then not have to pay the consequences.

The topic of the speech later changes to hunting and the reasons for why we hunt and why the Liberals are against it. It is always the middle-class Left who wish to ban hunting and contact sports. They wish to suppress these natural urges of ours and believe that they will then go away. They use the State education system to do this, which has been Liberal right from the very start. This has progressed over the years putting more and more lies into people’s heads, finally culminating in the holohoax indoctrination today which forms the heart of the brainwashing.

David uses quotes from schoolbooks to show the pro-Jewish and anti-White slant in education today and highlights the disconnect between what children see and what they are taught.

Questions from the audience are answered at the end.

Recorded at the Yorkshire Forum February 6, 2016.

Yorkshire Forum: David Yorkshire – Ted Hughes, A Liberal in Spite of Himself


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