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Traditionalist Youth Hour: Focus Your Power


Matthew Heimbach returns with a new Trad Youth Hour and starts by talking a bit about the job he was recently fired from, for having the wrong political beliefs. The position he had, was one where he would have been helping abused juveniles and his politics never would have come into it, but they still saw fit to sack him. One of his supervisors just waddled over to him one day after seeing Matt on the TV and told him his politics were abhorrent and that he was not welcome there because of them. They would rather see kids be abused, than have anyone pro-White working for them.

At least this means he can now devote more of his time to the Trad Worker Party, who are working hard to publicise the scandal that is open-cast mining, which destroys the landscape, poisons the water and moves all the resources overseas. Many working-class White towns are suffering high cancer rates due to the way the coal is being removed from the ground but unlike Flint Michigan, which has a Black population, they are not being spoken about.

Matt also talks about the recent BLM harassment campaign against him and how they are violent law-breakers intent on bullying people into accepting their agenda. He sees Martin Luther King as being the opposite of BLM, who talked about peaceful protest and Ghandi’s success, but BLM are all about forcing themselves onto people, screaming, shoving and doing what they can to disrupt other political movements that dont make Negroes their central theme. They would rather storm the stage of a presidential candidate and scream at him, than engage in a peaceful protest. They are not Prob-Black, they are simply Anti-White.

In the second half, Heimbach talks about his plans for the TWP and how he hopes to emulate European parties, rather than American ones. He wants them to be doing local activism at the Town level, rather than at the State level just yet. They had a meeting recently in Pennyslvania attended by around a hundred people all from different groups, who were coming together to focus their energy all under one banner - real people standing up for their own values, not politicians going wherever the money is.

People have been very receptive to the outreach work the party have been doing as everything has been geared towards the White working class, the same people that Trump has been galvanising. Speaking to them on the streets, they understand the coming demographic apocalypse and they want a party who will prevent it. They have been staying home away from the elections because they have been betrayed by the political class. They know there is nothing left to conserve, a conservative today is a democrat from 15 years ago, what we need is a nationalist state and that is what the TWP are fighting for.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach

Traditionalist Youth Hour: Focus Your Power

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  1. What is the song in this podcast that is played on the break? I cried when I heard it, it's so powerful.

    1. I wish I could tell you, it came from one of Harold Covington's Radio Free Northwest podcasts. I think the singer wished to remain anonymous.


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