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The Daily Traditionalist: Election Wins for Trump and Keystone United

Steve Smith on the  right
Election wins all around today, while Donald Trump won all five states last night and is estimated to get the most votes ever among the Republicans, Matthew Heinbach’s guest today was also winning an election by a landslide.

Steve Smith from Keystone United has just been elected as an openly Pro-White Republican committee member in Pennsylvania.  He has been involved in pro-White organisations such as the Klan since the nineties and is now trying to buck the media stereotype of what a White Nationalist is. He talks about how he has seen a lot of nutters attracted to the cause over the years, thanks to the negative portrayal of us on the television. Nationalism is not about hating others, but some are drawn to it because of this and the media especially likes to promote people like that, in order to put others off.

Steve gives his thoughts on the Trump phenomenon and the impact it has had on Pennsylvania. He went to Trump’s biggest rally to date which had 15,000 seats in the auditorium, yet still there were people having to wait outside. Trump is huge in Pennsylvania due to him wanting to stop immigration and he has been bringing this up at every rally. People had lost hope until now, with all the jobs being shipped overseas and the importation of the third world to compete for the jobs that are left. This has lead to drug addiction, suicide and feelings of helplessness among White people, but now Trump is saying lets put America first, people have become inspired once again.

Steve talks about first getting interested in politics through the Ron Paul campaign and how he saw that nobody was running in a local election. He put his name down on the ballot and won, causing a national media fire-storm. After being elected he went to all the committee meetings and ended up becoming the secretary. Now 4 years later, he has just won another election by a landslide 69 votes out of 73.

He feels that grass roots activism is what will eventually gain us the victory. All It cost him was a few t-shirts in order to promote his campaign and a bit of time. He only needed 10 signatures to get on the ballot and his community cannot be the only place where this is the case.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Steve Smith

The Daily Traditionalist: Election Wins for Trump and Keystone United – DT 042716


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