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The Daily Traditionalist: Good Leadership

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Matthew Heimbach starts today’s podcast off by talking about some recent publicised threats he has received from the Antifa.

Men are willing to sacrifice to save our people, but we have to have a plan for them to work towards and the Traditionalist Worker Party do have a plan. This message needs to be heard by people and that is what these podcasts are for, but it also needs to be heard in person by your average American in the habitable world. The Trad Worker Party are doing this by bringing it off the internet and onto the streets of Sacramento on June 26th. The Antifa are not happy about this, but there is no way they will be able to put a stop it. If the TWP can march in Sacramento, then they can hold a rally anywhere, since it is one of the most Liberal parts of the United States.

Chris Bond joins for the second half of the show and the conversation moves around to Donald Trump, his leadership style and why he feels a large portion of Bernie supporters could be brought around to our point of view.

If Trump is denied his rightful place as presidential candidate, then there will be millions of White Americans looking for somewhere to vent their frustration and this can be channeled into Nationalist causes. Trump may even set up his own party, in which case that can be used to further our aims. Chris points out that there are a lot of Bernie supporters who are not hardcore Leftists and may be convinced to join us. Take Nationalism without Capitalism from the Right and Socialism without Internationalism from the Left and you get the National Socialist position, which should appeal to both sides of the political spectrum, if only they were given a chance to hear it. Sanders has supporters in the coal fields and when he talks about the banks, he is already saying similar things to us.

Trump has a lot of experience on big building projects and this is exactly what was used to rennovate Germany’s economy in the thirties. Trump has read both Hitler and Speer and his ego could turn out to be a huge asset to us in this. The fact he is so headstrong would also help in confronting the monied interests. All great men in history have been driven by something, rather than just being politicians. To be driven by a dream and not poll numbers, that is real leadership.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Chris Bond

The Daily Traditionalist: Good Leadership – DT 041916


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  1. Antifa = Leftwing pussies and faggots. Real 'tough' guys, these "Marxist revolutionaries." Lol.


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