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The Daily Traditionalist: Watching the Left Eat Itself


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach to talk about the suspension of Red Ken Livingstone from the UK Labour Party for supposed ‘Anti-Semitism’. All he was actually saying is that Hitler worked with the Zionists to help the Jews emigrate to Palestine in 1932, which is an easily verifiable fact. According to John Mann though, the Havaara agreement is just a neo-nazi conspiracy theory put about by evil racists. He went absolutely bezerk at Ken upon hearing him mention Hitler, chasing him down the street and trying to shout him into silence, while Ken was actually live on air at the time trying to give an interview over the telephone.

Apart from being absolutely hilarious, this will be a big help to us when people realise that Livingstone was actually telling the truth. It will be seen that facts are ‘anti-semitic’ and that anti-semitism is just a way for Jews to silence the people who they don't like. The BBC even admitted that anti-semitism can be anything the Jews want it to be, but they thought this was a good thing! They have now also tried to twist Ken’s words and are claiming he said that Hitler was a Zionist, which is completely different to the point he was making.

Both of these politicians are supposed to be on the same side and even in the same party, but in their desperation to appear politically correct have ended up fighting among themselves and making their party into a laughing stock, especially John Mann, who looked and sounded more like a rabid dog than a human being. His eyes were popping out on stalks at hearing Ken blaspheme his lords and masters and there was a moment when things sounded like they were going to get physical.

It is wonderful to see the anti-Whites getting a taste of their own medicine like this and we can expect to see more of this sort of thing as the Left continues to fracture, with each component trying to outdo the rest in self flagellation. As Nationalists we have our blood that bonds us while the Left have nothing but a stale ideology. In order to try and keep their policies interesting, they have to keep trying to outdo the last, which inevitable means there will be clashes like this, as they each try to be more politically correct than each other.

The audio clips of John Mann chasing down Red Ken are included in the podcast.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach with special guest Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Watching the Left Eat Itself - DT 042816


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