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Albion Narrations: The Jews in Poland


This narration is taken from E Michael Jones’ book The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and explains the history of the Jews in Poland. How the upper classes used the Jews as tax farmers, even going so far as to tender out licenses for the lucrative opportunity to fleece the peasants of their hard earned money. Before long, everything had a tax on it that had to be paid to the Jews, even getting married or baptised. This caused much resentment of the Jews as well as of the aristocracy that were employing them, but it would not be until 1648 that the pogroms really started in earnest, with the Cossacks holding the Poles responsible for their treatment at the hands of the Jews.

The Chmielnicki pogroms were still not enough to put them off arriving though, in fact Jews were so well-off in Poland that the country became known as the Paradisus Judaorum and by 1795, 80% of the world’s Jews would be living there. Eventually over half the population of Poland would be Jewish and a lot of them never even spoke Polish. The way they treated the Poles was guaranteed to cause upset and the Polish oligarchs were no help at all, giving exclusive rights to sell liquor to the Jews and sometimes even giving them leases on Churches.

The Jews would eventually become so powerful in Poland that they were able to name the successor to Sigismund II in 1572, but through their mistreatment of the Poles and the uproar that it eventually caused, they were also responsible for Poland losing large chunks of it’s territory when it’s neighbours exploited the situation and started annexing parts of the country, leading to Poland’s partition in the 18th century.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks from ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ by E Michael Jones

Aryan Narrations: The Jews in Poland


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