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The Daily Traditionalist: Pray for the Avenging Angel


Matthew Heimbach was having internet connection problems again at his new studio, so Sven Longshanks is joined once again by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson for the final show of the week. The two hosts start by discussing the recent allegations against Donald Trump of sexual assault. This has to be the most ridiculous slander of Trump yet, what woman in the world is there that would say no to a billionaire? Let alone a charismatic good looking one like him. The idea that he would start molesting a saggy-titted flat-chested feminist witch that was sat next to him on a plane is ludicrous. This most recent spate of attacks is transparently a result of the accusations against Bill Clinton and this will very likely just cause even more people to join the movement.

After discussing the current state of play in American electoral politics Dr Johnson expands on his description of the voting system from earlier in the week. Although voting at the State level may be pointless, at the federal and local level it can be very productive. At the higher levels of democracy it is all down to who has the most money, but at the lower levels it really is down to who has the most virtue in the community. Dr Johnson gives some historical examples of this before pointing out that candidates at the State level may not even come from the State itself.

Sven brings up diversity quotas and how you may not even get the choice of someone from your own race to vote for let alone your own State, before asking how Donald Trump could start to put things right once he gets elected. He would need to be like Putin and personally demand that the financial power centres start making changes, which he could do if he has a large enough mandate from the people like Putin has. Trump really could be our avenging angel if he gets in, so it is vitally important that we support him and do all that we can to ensure that he wins.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Pray for the Avenging Angel – DT 101416


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