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The Daily Traditionalist: Tony Hovater – Liberal Secession


Tony Hovater joins Matthew Heimbach for today’s episode of The Daily Traditionalist. Tony used to co-host the Trad Youth Hour but has not been able to join us on the Daily Traditionalist to add to the commentary until now. Twitter have been purging themselves of the new Right Wing, banning many well known conservatives and supporters of the Republican party, but he thinks this is pretty pointless as the cat is now out of the bag and Trump is now president. What is the acceptable level of speech anyway? Nobody is promoting racial hatred, violence or vulgar language, perhaps we missed some small print saying they can do what ever they like if you are White?

The Left has over-reached itself so far that it no longer works to just call us names. They may continue to call us racists and White Supremacists who are violent and hateful, yet it is them who are tearing up the country at the moment. They assume that everyone thinks the same as them and that everybody else hates White people too, but we are increasing in numbers all over the world and now we have our own president in the White House. Obama just doesn’t know how to do anything else and has even just been to Greece telling them how much America loves diversity, when America just voted to close the borders and kick out all the illegals.

America is now in a position of power economically after saying that all the trade deals will be re-negotiated and this should all have been foreseen by the Liberals as Trump writes about it all in his books. Texas has just discovered almost a trillion dollars worth of oil in the state and there is no need for America to be relying on anyone else for anything. After world war two the rest of the world was destroyed, but America had a job surplus and all the materials to fix it, yet it somehow came to be in the position where it was trillions of dollars in debt. Tony explains how this is due to self sabotage by those who have had the reins of power.

Talking points that once seemed fringe to us, such as secession are now being openly advocated for by Liberals. We knew they would larp about things and cry, but seeking to balkanise America was not something we thought they would be suggesting. This is great and we should give them as much help to leave the rest of us alone as possible. All the rural areas are supporting America First and the places that do not are full of Liberals who do not produce anything. Tony suggests that we should build a wall around Portland and California as well as Mexico to solve all our problems.

Our next job is to force the local politicians to go along with Trump’s proposals. As we can see, Twitter can be shut down, but with local physical pressure groups on the streets they cant shut us down and to do that, we need more people to join the TWP. After all, who is going to shut down a charity?

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovater

The Daily Traditionalist: Tony Hovater – Liberal Secession – DT 111616


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