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Truth Will Out Radio: Clinton and Kalergi


Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks present another episode of Truth Will Out Radio starting with Dennis bringing us some new information on the Kalergi plan to turn Europe brown. Kalergi hated the White race and it’s industrial nature and Dennis gives us some quotes showing that he idolised what he called the southern races and saw them as being responsible for civilisation. These southern races were the Blacks and the Jews and he claimed they had kicked the White race out from their civilisations in Africa and Asia. National Socialist Germany had discovered different though, that the White race started those civilisations and then migrated to the north to get away from the miscegenation and degradation of the race that results from multicultural societies. Adolf Hitler describes this process in Mein Kampf, how Whites are the torch bearers of civilisation but used the dark races as their labour for building those civilisations before succumbing to interbreeding with them.

The plan to do this to the White race and turn it into a southern race ruled over by Jews was formulated by Kalergi and put into print in his book 'Practical Idealismus'. We now see this plan coming to fruition with the mass movement into Europe and America by hordes of these southern races. Throwing open the borders like this has been deliberately done and the constantly changing reasons given for why we must accept them into our countries, is proof that there is an ulterior motive behind it.

After discussing the motives of Kalergi and the people carrying out his bidding today, Dennis moves on to giving us his take on the recent exposure of more incriminating emails showing the Clintons at the heart of the corrupt establishment in America. A recent video has emerged claiming that the emails were fed to Julian Assange by a group of FBI and other agency members, who are sick of the treason being carried out by the Obama administration. If what the video says is true, we may even get to see Barry Obama indicted yet before his term of office is up. The big day is next week and Dennis and Sven urge every American listener to go out there and do everything they can to ensure that Trump gets in to office. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Clinton and Kalergi – TWOR 110416


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  1. Maybe christianity is the enemy after all highly recommend to watch

    1. It is not, Christianity is the basis of our civilization. It is the infiltration of the jaws over the last several hundred years which has turned it against our interests.

  2. People often slag off anonymous keyboard warriors as if their contribution is of no value. But who is it who is spreading the truth about the Jew? Uploading videos, going on comment forums and social media? It is those few million keyboard warriors who are spreading the truth upon which we can eventually all act.

    1. And the majority of them are also Christian.


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