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Yorkshire Forum: Andrew Brons – A Nationalist Ideology


Liam Kernaghan introduces the first speaker at the 12th Yorkshire Forum, Andrew Brons former BNP MEP and now patron of the British Democratic Party. His presentation is about the ethnic roots of Nationalism, how it is grounded in biology and solid science. Citing identical twin studies, he shows that nature counts for a lot more than nurture does in the character of a man and also in the character of a race.

Civic Nationalism can never work, as it provides nothing of any substance to unite a people. Only shared ancestry combined with shared territory can ever truly unite a people and inspire them to give up their lives to protect it. Unique people create unique cultures, not the other way around. There is no such thing as magic dirt that will civilise a savage, Europe looks the way it does because Europeans built it and Africa looks the way it does because Negroes live there.

Franz Boas falsified his research to claim the opposite of this, that nurture could change everything and that nobody was born with innate tendencies. He started the school of social anthropology, which has now completely replaced the factual school of biological anthropology and it’s tentacles have worked their way through education and the media, so that now the entire establishment have fallen for this lie.

If you assume that all races and people have the same potential, then when a birth rate starts falling somewhere the temptation is to import foreigners to compensate. This is what the EU and other organisations are calling for and are doing to us. Their policy is based upon a false ideology and we need to show them this. Our policy is based upon the truth, it is at the root of our Nationalist ideology and it is that nature triumphs over nurture.

Three approaches are suggested that we can use to then convey this truth to others and a question and answer session follows the presentation.

Presentation by Andrew Brons

Yorkshire Forum: Andrew Brons – A Nationalist Ideology – YF 112916


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