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Albion Narrations: George Lincoln Rockwell on 'The Black Plague'


Sven Longshanks continues the Aryan Narrations for the week with another reading from George Lincoln Rockwell’s White Power, this time Rockwell’s views on what he called 'the Black plague'. This was his way of describing the overwhelming increase in low IQ people brought about by advances in modern science being given to Africans who had never even developed medicine for themselves before. 

Rockwell explains how expecting 'Negroes' to be able to live up to White standards when they are a different sub-species entirely is guaranteed to irritate them. When they realise they cannot compete with the White man due to their lack of ability, they turn to crime in order to acquire the bling that they covet so much.

Their population has gone from being 1% of the world’s population to 20% in just a hundred years. Some are not even capable of finding their own water without help and rely on charity from the western world in order to survive. Half the population of some African countries are under 30 years old, due to the artificially inflated birth rate. 

Under normal conditions, this unsustainable birth rate would be balanced out by over half dying due to disease, but since we now share our medicine with them all the natural checks on their population have gone.

The Liberal answer to this problem is that birth control will reverse the situation, but birth control is only ever used by the most intelligent people. Blacks refuse to use it, especially when the more offspring they have, the more they can get in welfare or charity. 

Rockwell explains why birth control is useless in the face of the demographic change in America and in Africa, before warning us of what will come in the future if we refuse to do something about the problem now.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Narrations: George Lincoln Rockwell on 'The Black Plague' – AN 122816


Aryan Narrations: George Lincoln Rockwell on The Black Plague – AN 122916


Aryan Narrations: George Lincoln Rockwell on The Black Plague – AN 123016


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