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SS Britannia: Human Copyrights

SS Britannia

Sven Longshanks and Subal present a Boxing Day edition of SS Britannia looking at how the ownership of ideas has been transferred from the community they serve, to the individual who believes they are his own to sell to the highest bidder. Nobody is an island, all inspiration is based on the evolution of ideas that went before and it should be used to improve the lot of our descendants, not to make individuals rich. Subal explains how the concept of copyright has disinherited us and a much better system is the idea of patronage, where wealthy donors pay the creative types to produce for everyone. This is something that could benefit the White Nationalist community, we have many creative types who produce content free to everyone, but they would be able to produce a lot more if they were funded by our more wealthy supporters.

The idea of making the most profit out of those around you comes from the Jews and it leads to professionals closely guarding their technical secrets from others in the same field. Fascism solves this problem by getting all the master craftsmen of one field together in a guild or corporation, where they can then work together for the good of the nation, rather than to make the most individual profit. The race to copyright everything has even made it’s way into nature, with GMO companies copyrighting seeds and DNA as if they were the ones who created life in the first place.

Subal draws attention to the many alternative medical cures out there that are based on freely available information, just think of the advances that could be made if intellectual property was owned by the race and not the individual. After discussing an alternative cure that worked, the topic of conversation moves around to cannabis and whether it should be made legal or not. We do not have enough social pressure not to take cannabis for it to be made legal without causing problems, but it does make a mockery of the law to use it to outlaw plants.

The law should be used for crimes against people, it should not be used to enforce moral behaviour, that should be done by social pressure. The misuse of the law has now gone so far that hurt feelings are more important than hurt people. If we had just kept the Jews out then all of this could have been avoided. Our cities would be nice places to live and people would not want to take drugs, if we just got rid of the diversity in them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Human Copyrights – SS 122616


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