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The Daily Traditionalist: Jews Have No Sense of Humour


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they start by drawing attention to Joshua Bonehill who has just been found guilty again for the horrendous crime of poking fun at a Jewish politician. American laws are based on English common law, yet somehow America has managed to retain it’s free speech, while Britain has made it an imprisoning offence to laugh at Jews. Sharia patrols are fine, talking about beheading the queen is fine, but don’t you dare publish a cartoon picture of a Jew.

Jason points out that to be human is to laugh. We like to make fun of differences, it helps to keep those differences in check however Jews do not appear to have a sense of humour, they just cannot stand to be laughed at, despite all the comedies they make on tv and film that are all about mocking White people.

America may not be as bad as Britain, but Matt is already being called the Fuhrer by the lugenpresse and Jason has already had his music removed from all mainstream music sites. Simply saying White people have a right to exist has now been classified as hate speech and there is a hysteria being whipped up over posters that state this in colleges across the country. One of the ways the media accuses us of hate speech is to take quotes we say out of context and Matt brings up an instance where he was reviewing a film called The Purge and the SPLC took one from that to claim he wanted to purge and execute all Non-Whites.

Matt and Jason also talk about the Nordic Resistance Movement and their new manifesto which has just been published in English. They state how the same forces attacking the Nordic regions are working against White interests in all our countries. They are openly supportive of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism and wish to bring their message to a wider audience. They just had a thousand people marching to support them in both Finland and Sweden and they are demonstrating how National Socialism is relevant for the modern world and was not just something for Germans. They highlight how even though it was the anglo-countries that united against Hitler, this was only because the public had been lied to.

We face a graver threat than just a national one, it is a racial threat today that we have to defeat. The NRM realise this and by doing so, they show a greater maturity than many other European Nationalist organisations who only communicate with their own people, in their own language.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Jews Have No Sense of Humour – DT 120816


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