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Truth Will Out Radio: Scapa Flow and the Best of 2016


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt present the year’s last episode of Truth Will Out Radio, starting with Part Two of Schmitt’s presentation on Gunther Prien, dealing with his first war patrols, how many ships he sunk and what life was like living on the u-boat. After that we get to his courageous expedition right into the heart of enemy territory the British naval base of Scapa Flow, which made him a national hero in Germany. It is not known exactly how he died, just that he never returned from a patrol and Schmitt gives us the details of some likely ships who may have sunk him.

Prien was so popular among the German nation that a film was made about his life after the war, but in order to make that acceptable to Germany’s new owners he had to be cast as being anti-National Socialist. His record of vessels destroyed was huge and Schmitt tell us about some of the medals he received, including one which had never been given to a u-boat captain before.

After discussing the presentation, the hosts then talk about what they each thought was best about 2016, starting with Tyson Fury the politically incorrect boxer who defeated the Jew Klichko to become champion of the world. Dennis explains why this was so inspiring before going on to talk about Brexit and the resignation of his most hated politician, David Cameron. The Brexit vote was a huge win for us, 17 million people voted for Nationalism, showing that democracy does occasionally get something right.

More democratic surprises followed, with the invigorating campaign of Donald Trump and the spectacular failure of Hildog. The ascendance of Trump was only paralleled by the rise of the Alt-Right, bringing the message of Nationalism to a huge worldwide audience and exposing the lies of the establishment. Instead of being grateful for the corruption exposed by Wikileaks, Obama then made certain we knew he was in on it too, by condemning Assange’s honesty and blaming Putin!

Seeing Vlad bring ISIS to it’s knees in Syria within one year has also been wonderful, only topped off by him bringing peace to the country within 24 hours of getting the various political groups around the table today, something America has failed to do for the last 6 years.

Dennis finished Communism by the Back Door, TGSNT was officially the most tweeted term by White Nationalists and Millennial Woes went to America, doing a great job as British ambassador to the Alt-Right. Thanks to Red Ice we were able to watch the NPI conference among others and the London Forum went international as well as regional this year.

Finally the hosts thank the listeners and other hosts and toast the success that Radio Aryan has had since changing the name and becoming independent.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Scapa Flow and the Best of 2016 – TWOR 123016


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