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The Daily Traditionalist: Be True to Your Beliefs

mike pence

Matt Parrott bring us a solo edition of The Daily Traditionalist to close out the week, starting with some commentary on the March for Life. Hopefully the numbers will be superior to the feminist march last week, but don’t expect the fake news to tell us this. The massive populist uprising is for Trump, not against him and his approval ratings are already going up just after one week in office. There will be a lot of court challenges along the way, but he is used to leading an organisation and dealing with opposition. This is the opposite to Obama, who had not even run a taco stand when he took office.

The first sanctuary city has fallen and will no longer be protecting illegal aliens from prosecution. These areas are so anti-American they are actually siding with the invaders. Watching Trump carrying out his promises like this, proves that we were being lied to before. There is nothing to stop him from encircling these cities with fences if they continue refusing to enforce the law. Matt thinks they will all eventually fall and it will be delicious to watch. It is very encouraging to see all this forward motion on the key issues at last.

Matt talks about some of his experiences with dealing with the government in the past, how it was the Republicans that stood in the way of getting immigration bills passed. Now we get to see this being played out at the national level and we will see at last, who it is that has been standing in the way of stopping the invasion. Matt thinks we will see Trump and the congress in a vicious battle over the next few months and this is going to be one of those times when Trump is really going to shine.

Human/pig hybrids  and Shia LeBoeuf are also covered, before finally Matt gives us an update on some legal challenges that he has been going through, after moving back to his home town. The Liberals there have been very hostile to Parrott and Heimbach, accusing them of making people feel unwelcome, as they advocate for White rights. The campaign against them has basically centred around trying to make the two hosts feel uncomfortable in their own homes, as anyone who disagrees with the Left is apparently dividing us.

They started up a sign campaign, before it escalated into a proclamation explicitly naming the Alt-Right and trying to outlaw it. Matt responded by turning up to the town hall meeting, wanting to see what sort of people they were, that would seek to outlaw others for their political beliefs. He recognised half the occupants of the room before they all stood up to read out one line each and he then got the chance to speak himself, telling them that he was not setting up death squads to round up all the brown children, or building a nazi compound. They passed the legislation anyway, but then the agitators organised a secret radical feminist protest that was pro-abortion. After a huge fight on social media with Matt over this they finally lost, as the town could at last see who was being honest about their beliefs and who was not, with the end result being that Parrott and Heimbach are not openly attacked as they were before.

Presented by Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Be True to Your Beliefs – DT 012717


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