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The Daily Traditionalist: Fighting Degeneracy One Day at a Time


Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrot co-host the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and Heimbach starts off by giving us a quick rundown on the Atlanta Forum, where he was speaking over the weekend. He was on a panel answering questions from the audience, which had a healthy amount of young people wanting to get involved in things from urban farming to activism, as well as podcasts and book publications. The Leftists were given some false info about the venue and spent there time yelling at trees in the park.

Confirmation has come through that the terrorist attack in Canada was carried out by a Moroccan Moslem yelling ‘Allah Snackbar.’ This attack came within hours of Trudeau’s tweet repeating the ‘diversity is our strength’ meme and inviting more refugees into Canada. Trudeau is the second political leader in a month to have been out promoting and celebrating diversity, while that very same diversity had been out massacring their citizens.

Heimbach brings up the Generation Identitaire mock ISIS execution in Austria last year, which was carried out to warn people what would happen if Moslems were allowed into our countries. Austria has had women and children raped by them, yet still they were chanting refugees welcome. Canada is the same and Trudeau exemplifies this when he talks about love and human rights, when he has no love for his own people and cares nothing for their rights not to be raped, murdered, run over, blown up or shot by Moslems.

The west coast or the left coast of America, is now calling for California to secede from the United States. Whites have been fleeing the area in their millions for years now and the state is full of non-Whites. Calexit would be very good for America as 55 electoral votes would then have to be redistributed which would give Whites much more of a voice and the area could be walled or fenced off as well. New England has been making similar noises, preferring the company of illegal aliens than their own people and the more they do this, the more the rest of the country will be happy to say goodbye to them.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Fighting Degeneracy One Day at a Time – DT 013017 


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  1. You guys are way too moderate.

    Here's the solution:
    - As Mexico is doing a "soft invasion" recognize it as such. Everyone else does.
    Stop fighting with your hands tied behind your back.

    - Declare an offensive war on Mexico with the full force of the American military (all branches).
    - As wars are essentially ethnic cleansing, do an efficient ethnic cleansing of around 96-98% of the backwards, utterly-corrupt and degenerate nations population. Include the so-called American Californian sympathisers in the action. They will reject the action because (being mestizos and miscegenated Latin-looking jews) they have never assimilated.
    - Annex the newly acquired land and make it into the 51st - 54th American states.
    - Send down 4 HWhite governors and their staffs to get the place going.
    - Take the gold, silver, oil and whatever else is of value.
    - Build-up and add-onto the shorter southern border. It'll be faster and cheaper.

    Problem Solved!

    No more la raza, no more kosher drug cartels, no more drug and human trafficking.


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