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Radio Free Northwest: If They Dont Name the Jew Their Message Isnt True – RFN 032317


Harold Covington begins this week’s Radio Free Northwest by answering a question about Trump and Obamacare. The mandatory payment part of the scheme has already been removed, so he has kept to his campaign promise, but no conservative opposition has ever actually repealed any of the changes the Liberals have made, so it remains to be seen how far he will go with this.

Gretchen reviews Lions of the North by Benjamin R Teitelbaum this week, a Swedish mischling who is interested in the effect Nationalism has had on music, particularly with reference to Sweden. He splits Nationalism down into 3 main groups, ethnic nationalists, identitarians and civic nationalists and then looks at the music produced by each.  The author believes that rock music came from Negro church worship, but there were White churches doing the same in the South, so it may have been more a Southern thing than a Black thing, but since rock is now not seen as racial, he wonders could the same thing happen with rap? Lots of different styles are looked at in the book, from rap, to nu-folk to Saga, who Teitelbaum seems to have a particular interest in. Saga seems to have been badly effected by Brevik and it would be good to hear from her. Gretchen thinks the book is an amazing breakthrough for us and gives it a thumbs up.

Harold then gives us an alternative view and reminds us how Jews like to claim to be speaking for us and that this Jew’s information on Saga should be treated with suspicion. What was a Jew doing that close to her? It would seem he caused her harm and now she has left us due to him.

After that we get a warning on the yellow peril and how America could end up being taken over by them. They would not put up with the Negroes and it is doubtful that the Jews would be able to affect them in the ways that they have socially harmed us. White people seem to have already adopted the Chinese one child policy without even being told to by the state, so maybe they would let us stay after all?

We are being driven to extinction by society as a whole, not by any one thing, although the capitalist economy has played a large part in it. If we do not start reproducing soon, we will be swallowed up by the brown and yellow tide. We cannot just sit here blaming others, when we are the only ones who can do anything about saving us. We must break the taboo on speaking about resisting this tyranny if we are to get anywhere.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: If They Dont Name the Jew Their Message Isnt True – RFN 032317

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