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SS Britannia: Substitute Folk Heroes – SS 031317

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Sven Longshanks and Subal discuss the Jewish influence on comics and superheroes for this week’s SS Britannia. Trump news has been a little short on the ground recently, so the podcast starts with a look at the Turkish race riots that flared up in the Netherlands over the weekend. This could not have happened at a better time with the Dutch elections taking place on Wednesday and any Dutchman who doubts that Turks are a fifth column after this display of loyalty to their sultan, needs his head examining. Erdogan sees himself leading a new Ottoman empire and his troops are already placed throughout Europe poised and ready to strike at his signal.

After discussing the outbreak of race war in Holland, we move on to the main topic of the podcast and Subal begins by identifying just how many comic book superheroes were created by Jews. All superheroes have one thing in common, they have a secret identity that they keep hidden from the rest of society, just like the majority of Jews did until recently. The Jewish creators of these fictional heroes deliberately tried to make them allegories for ethnic minorities and had them being bullied or mocked by their peers. They admit that from the very start they were trying to influence the minds of the young to be anti-racist, philo-Semitic and anti-White. It is surprising therefore, when people today get upset when Spiderman is turned into a Mulatto Latrino or Iron Man is turned into a genius Negress with an MIT scholarship. These creations were never our property in the first place, they did not arise from the collective imagination of Whites, they were dragged up from the depths of a Semitic fantasy world to replace our own heroes, who were all grounded in reality and a part of our genetic heritage as well as our history.

We used to learn about St George, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Beowulf, characters who we could emulate who showed moral strength, valour and courage in the face of adversity, rather than magical superpowers. We used to see icons of the Saints and stained glass windows in the churches and these would remind us of the eternal truths that these images were created to convey, rather than just advancing a fictional plotline. The idea of writing fiction did not even come about until very recently, a man’s word was his honour so why would you want to write lies? Who would be interested in reading something that had no relevance to them or their history?

We should be learning about our history and the mythic world of the imagination that our race shares in, not the imaginary world of the Jew. Instead of knowing the family tree of Luke Skywalker or Spock the Vulcan, we should know the family tree of King Arthur and who his battles were against. The Jews have used their flying mutants and their caped cryptoes to replace our own virtuous folk heroes, because they know that becoming aware we have Brutus the Trojan’s blood in our veins will inspire us to fight back, whereas reading about superheroes is just going to make us feel even more alienated from our own kind.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Substitute Folk Heroes – SS 031317


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