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The Daily Traditionalist: The Evil Empire of the Khazars – DT 032717


Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson stand in for Matthew Heimbach again on Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and today the topic for discussion is Khazaria. Up to ninety percent of East European Jews are said to have originated in Khazaria and besides the DNA evidence for this we also have the church records of the time. The Christianisation of the Roman Empire under Constantine meant it was impossible for Jews to continue their slave trading and money lending in the Byzantine lands, so they moved north to Khazaria where the aristocracy converted to Judaism and the rest of the nation followed.The Khazars were a barbaric race, likened to the Assyrians of the Old Testament and Talmudism was ideal for them, as it justified their mercenary behaviour towards the nations which surrounded them.

After the empire was destroyed by the Slavs, the Polish and Russian nobility offered the Khazars employment as tax collectors, using the same skills that they had been honing for centuries in their former homeland. They remained fairly homogenous as Khazars up until around the 16th century when they began interbreeding with the European nobility in order to take over the establishment. This is similar behaviour to what happened in Judea, when the Idumeans interbred with the tribe of Judah and then took over the priesthood and the monarchy. The Khazars were even called Ishmaelites and Canaanites by their Pagan enemies and it is unknown if this was due to the influx of Judeans in the 7th century, or a reference to their homeland originally being Mount Seir, a stronghold of the enemy tribes of the Old Testament.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: The Evil Empire of the Khazars – DT 032717


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