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Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies, Steve Frost and Graham Hardy – YF 040317


Alex Davies gave his most inspiring talk yet at the recent Yorkshire Forum on Saturday April 1st. His speech was about unity in the movement, something we hear a lot about, but is it really beneficial to have alliances with groups that adhere to lower standards? Will that not mean that your own organisation gets dragged down to their level? If we believe in natural law, then we believe that struggle and competition are necessary in order to strengthen us. How then can we be promoting unity at all costs, which means compromising instead of competing?

Alex explains why we need to hold each other to the highest standards, rather than lowering our expectations in order to increase membership and his speech was full of examples to prove his case, from personal observation at various protests and demonstrations. His genuinely original presentation was met with much approval from Forum attendees and no questions were necessary afterwards.

Speech by Alex Davies

Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies – The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone – YF 040317AD


Steve Frost from British Movement gave a fascinating presentation on the British Union of Fascists and the support they had in the north of England and in Yorkshire in particular. Steve’s personal interest in the subject matter and early acquaintance with original BUF members made this speech particularly interesting, especially the references to local landmarks and the huge amount of support that Mosley had in the North.

Steve’s passion for the era and for Nationalist history kept the audience captivated and enabled him to elaborate on certain aspects afterwards in the question and answer session. He also drew parallels with attempts to silence the fascists back then with today. The same ethnicity that network together now to ensure Nationalists have problems distributing materials and securing venues were doing the same back then, only the BUF had enough support in Yorkshire to put a stop to their scheming on more than one occasion. Steve recounts some of the successes that the BUF had in overturning bans on their flyers being distributed in local markets and the level of violence the activists had to put up with from the Left, which once even included shots being fired at the leader’s car.

Speech by Steve Frost

Yorkshire Forum: Steve Frost – The Blackshirts in Yorkshire (Before Endeavours Fade) – YF 040317SF


Graham Hardy has been involved in British Nationalism for decades and his speech described the ups and downs we have had over the years and attempted to highlight areas that could do with improvement. As always there were calls to get representatives from different parties all around the same table, which is something that happens at the Forum meetings. The problem is not with getting people around the same table, but with getting groups to stand down when more than one Nationalist party are standing in the same area for election.

Speech by Graham Hardy

Yorkshire Forum: Graham Hardy – The Current State of British Nationalism – YF 040317GF


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