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Merchants of Sin: Jews and Film – AN 062617


In the penultimate part of the series, we learn all about how wealthy Jews took over the movie industry and began subverting it from within. Using many quotes from their own words, we see how by 1915 the Jews had crushed all their competitors in order to take over the largest studio in America, Universal. Originally movies were denied first amendment rights, but through a series of challenges to the courts they were able to gradually chip away at the moral fortitude of their new nation.

From the beginning there were issues with naming the source of this moral subversion for 'fear of the Jews', but by the time we get to today, Jews themselves are brazenly boasting of their control of Hollywood. The Catholics put up a good fight and it wasn’t really until the sixties that there were so many filthy movies being made that the Production Code collapsed under the assault. Finally Jews used their victim status in order to mainstream pornography, by putting it into a holocaust movie in 1964. They refused to censor it and thanks to all the publicity whipped up over the court cases, the film was a big hit and paved the way for the gratuitous sex scenes that we see in just about every movie released today.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Merchants of Sin: Jews and Film – AN 062617


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