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Merchants of Sin: Second-Wave Feminism – AN 062517


Part 7 of the series looks at how completely deranged some of the most famous second wave feminists really were. They even thought they were going to take power by force at one point, after previously declaring that the only reason they never had before, is that men were holding them back by forcing them into inferior roles.

They thought the only way to make men and women equal would be for women to be completely shielded from being held to account for their actions. In order to do this, they needed the state to pay child-care, the removal of social stigma for being promiscuous and birth control and abortion on demand.

They used Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent statistics to show that all women wanted to cheat on their husbands, that none were happy with their lives and even went so far as to call the housewife ‘a parasite’, before finally likening them to nazi concentration camp victims.

This is the story of these filthy minded feminists and how they worked to tear down the morals of western civilisation.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Merchants of Sin: Second-Wave Feminism – AN 062517


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