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Merchants of Sin: Wilhelm Reich and the Sexual Revolution – AN 062417


In the sixth part of the series, we look specifically at Wilhelm Reich and his influence on the sexual revolution and the counter culture of the sixties. Although he died in the fifties, his crazy research into orgone energy and perversity is still referenced today by modern hippies. Reich was a pervert from an early age, fantasizing about having sex with his parents and sleeping with the servants by the age of eleven. His books are full of filth and it was not long before he hooked up with Freud and became the youngest member of the psychoanalytical association. 

Eventually he became too extreme even for them and after discovering Marx, believed that by freeing the world from sexual neurosis, he could lead it into a blissful communist utopia. The Frankfurt School published one of his articles in the first edition of their journal and it was not long before the German government then denounced him as a subversive and he fled to Denmark, where he started writing against fascism, theorising that sexual repression in the family led to rise of the fascist state.

After trying to get Einstein to endorse his sex box energy accumulator and failing, he began firing a sex cannon at the sky to try and rid the world of space aliens. After the atom bomb, he then thought his orgone energy would cure radiation sickness, but again it failed. He died of heart failure in a jail cell, but his work on sexual repression leading to fascism, would then become a main recurring theme of the Left. The swinger’s clubs and multi-sex partner culture of the time can also be trace right back to his ideas.

Narrated by Sven Longshanks

Merchants of Sin: Wilhelm Reich and the Sexual Revolution – AN 062417


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