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Radio Free Northwest: Why Buggery is Wrong – RFN 072717

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Harold Covington goes back to basics for this episode of Radio Free Northwest, to explain exactly why Nationalism must never be associated with homosexuality. He begins by pointing out that far from being an accepted part of western civilisation, it  was always seen as abhorrent and something that needed stamping out in order to protect society. After that he lists the reasons why we must never be associated with it, such as God forbidding it and making it a capital sentence for anyone caught in the act. It also does not produce White children, it produces loose bowel movements. Mandatory heterosexuality is essential for White survival, just the same as mandatory White parentage is.

We must be seen to practice what we preach, sexual discipline and self control are central to creating the right image. We have had 50 years of brainwashing to sleep around aimed at men, while at the same time all the women have been told not to get married or have children. Both of these have led to an increase in sodomites and we have to stand against this, not condone it.

Gretchen discusses The Perils of Diversity by Byron M Roth this week, looking at the impact of global immigration and asking why our elites are doing this to us. The Trucker’s in Nebraska and calls in to add his own visions of the future to Harold’s crystal ball gazing and then it’s back to this week’s most sickening topic for some more reasons why buggery is wrong.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Why Buggery is Wrong – RFN 072717

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