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The Daily Traditionalist: Honouring Ancestors and Supporting Comrades – DT 103117


Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper are at the helm of The Daily Traditionalist today, discussing Halloween, the Jacob Goodwin extradition and the recent White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville.

Halloween is an exclusively White tradition, based on observation of the changing of the seasons and ensuring there was enough harvest to last for the winter. It was the Celtic New Year and their ancestors were honoured at this time of year, but today it is the shared ancestors that we have as White people that we remember. What they left to us it is our duty to defend and if possible to increase, so that we may pass more on to our descendants. It doesn’t matter what ethnic nation you belong to, if you are White then you are a part of our family and it is your interests that we are looking out for.

Billy is particularly looking out for a member of the Shieldwall Network at the moment, Jacob Goodwin who the authorities are seeking to extradite to Charlottesville for defending himself and others against attack by Leftists at the UTR rally. He will not get a fair trial there, as the whole town is a plaintiff in the case against the UTR organisers, where they seek to place all the blame for the violence at the feet of those who had a legal right to be there.

Billy has been writing to the Arkansas governor to get him to refuse to extradite Jacob, he has also set up a petition and a fund to help with legal fees. His hard work is finally starting to pay off, as today he has managed to get Jacob’s side of the story into the mainstream press.

The White Lives Matter rally this weekend showed that there is no need for violence and that we are not looking for violence. In fact the organisers were able to avoid a similar trap like the one in Charlottesville by not turning up at Murfreesboro. This is why it is better to have experienced people at these rallies. They know what is likely to happen and can advise on how best to avoid trouble. Perhaps if LOS, TWP, SWN and the other WLM organisations had been more involved in the organisation of UTR, some of the mistakes that were made could have been avoided. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Billy Roper

The Daily Traditionalist: Honouring Ancestors and Supporting Comrades – DT 103117


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