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The Daily Traditionalist: Boatsinker on his Art and Denmark – DT 111017


Boatsinker joins Sven Longshanks for The Daily Traditionalist, to talk about his cartoons and the situation in Denmark. Claus has inherited a talent for drawing from his father and uses it to design Nationalist cartoons. He explains his technique, using pen and ink and a scanner, before colouring them on the computer. It can be hard work trying to capture the essence of a media figure so that people recognise them in caricature form, but this is something he has managed to excel at, drawing regular cartoons of people like Soros, Milo, Ramzpaul and of course, Jews Moslems and negroes.

Claus was something of a dissident from an early age, showing support for Hitler at age 10, despite the constant demonisation in the media. He saw Turks invading his homeland in the eighties and nineties and was pleased to see some organised resistance to this with the Party of the Danes, who have unfortunately now retired. Hopefully we will see a new chapter of the Nordic Resistance Movement forming in Denmark to take their place.

It was not just the South of Europe that saw hordes of savages pouring through their countries while heading for Germany and Sweden, the same happened in Denmark too as Claus explains, with highways full of them marching onwards to Sweden with a full police escort. They were not interested in claiming asylum in Denmark, as Sweden next door was offering much better rewards of full citizenship and multiple gibsmedats.

Twenty percent of the Danish population has already been displaced by incompatible races and an eventual conflict is inevitable. When that happens it will be easy enough to remove them all, but in order to do so, first we have to rekindle the fire that burns in the White man’s soul and Boatsinker’s art is one way to do that through humour. 

Artwork by Boatsinker

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Boatsinker

The Daily Traditionalist: Boatsinker on his Art and Denmark – DT 111017


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