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The Daily Traditionalist: God Bless Russia and Trump - DT 112917

DT 112917

Matthew Heimbach returns to The Daily Traditionalist and is joined by Sven Longshanks to discuss three great news stories from today.

Donald Trump has retweeted videos of Moslem crimes against Whites from Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen’s account and the British media and establishment are going crazy about it, calling it hate speech, demanding he be arrested or banned, doing everything they can to distract from the crimes being carried out in the videos, even calling them ‘allegedly Moslems’.
This shows two things, that Trump looks at Britain First’s Twitter feed and that he wants people to know what sort of people they really are that we are importing into Europe and America. This is wonderful news.

Next up is the ‘Its OK to be White’ speech held at the University of Connecticut that got attacked by Antifa, with the speaker being arrested when he defended himself from having his property stolen. Although this was not good, it is great that the mainstream is moving so far in our direction that people who are just conservative are now echoing our talking points. We need to get more of our people speaking in the universities as this is where our strength really lies.

The final subject for today is the news that Russia is going to officially investigate the murder of the Tsar’s family to see whether it was a Jewish ritual murder. The Jews of course are outraged that this crime is to finally be investigated and as usual are lying about the previous incidences of it in history, claiming that no historian gives the reports any credit. Yet the highest courts in the land found the Jews guilty of this on multiple occasions and many of the victims were canonised by the church.

Three good news stories in one day, God bless Russia and God bless Trump. 

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: God Bless Russia and Trump - DT 112917


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