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The Daily Traditionalist: Swastika Raised in Top London University – DT 112117

dt 112117

Jez Turner from The London Forum joins Sven Longshanks for The Daily Traditionalist to discuss recent allegations made about him in a PDF attributed to Nick Griffin, Alison Chabloz’s court appearance and a huge swastika banner draped over a balcony at a top London university.

Nick Griffin has published a PDF pointing out the tolerance and promotion of homosexuality by people such as Milo, the Proud Boys and Counter-Currents, but then he has also made similar allegations about long serving and long suffering British Nationalists such as Peter Rushton, Max Musson and Jez himself. Jez breaks his usual rule of not responding to personal attacks to point out the slanders in the article and why he thinks they are there.

After that he gives us an explanation of the Alison Chabloz case and what the result of it was yesterday, before discussing his own upcoming court case and giving out the new address for Jack Renshaw, who has been put in a maximum security prison alongside murderers and nut-cases for saying politicians are traitors who should be made to pay for their crimes.

Finally he lets us in on the big new fashion symbol for 2018 – the swastika. King’s Cross London’s St Martin’s College of Art is the top university for celebrities and fashionistas to go to and this week, one of the students created an art display centred around a huge red swastika drape, in the style of the third reich. His professor forbade him from displaying it, but he went ahead anyway, apparently to rapturous cheers from the rest of the students. National Socialism is the only true form of rebellion left and it is very encouraging to see students embracing it’s self-improving principles and message like this.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Jez Turner

The Daily Traditionalist: Swastika Raised in Top London University – DT 112117


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