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The Daily Traditionalist: The Alt-Right Comes to Denmark - DT 121517

dt 121517

Matthew Heimbach has Boatsinker with him for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week. Claus has recently been featured in a mainstream newspaper in Denmark with his Danish Alt-Right website and podcast and the picture accompanying it was of Matt Heimbach. It is good that we can network like this across the Atlantic and the Schengen agreement is useful for us but it cuts both ways, Danish people have already been banned from going to America for attending the Unite The Right rally and Matt has been banned from Britain. It is the whole multi-national system that needs to be pulled down, not just that the invaders need to be sent back to where they came from.

There are plenty of problems that we can see all around us but there is really just one single solution which is Nationalism. ‘Denmark for the Danes’ is all that Claus’ website is saying but the media present is as ‘Jew-Hatred as the Alt-Right comes to Denmark’. Instead of responding to this like civic nationalists and making apologies and claiming not to be racist, Claus wrote an article saying that yes, everything in the article was true and thankyou for letting Denmark know that you think it is wrong to keep Denmark for the Danes. Every political party in Denmark is the same, none of them recognise the Danish people as a distinct indigenous ethnicity and they all want to import more foreigners to boost their votes.

The statistics that the government keep in Denmark are false, as when an immigrant gets citizenship they disappear from the figures. The real figure for the foreigners is about 20% but the government claim it is just 3% Moslems and only 1 million invaders. The American government claims there are just 11 million foreigners in the US, as they do the same and also include Mestizoes and Latinoes as Whites. Crime figures are also falsified, particularly in Sweden, where almost 100% of the rapes are carried out by foreigners. In 7 years time Swedes will become a minority in their own country thanks to their government’s suicidal policies.

Co-operation between them all will be needed in order to free the Scandinavian countries, a Nordic union will happen and it is all being driven by the youth, who are far more racially aware than the older Nationalists, who just want rid of the Moslems and are not so aware of the forces that brought them there.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Boatsinker

The Daily Traditionalist: The Alt-Right Comes to Denmark - DT 121517


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