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Aryan Insights: Carolyn Yeager on The Artist Within the Warlord - AI 021518

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Carolyn Yeager talks to Sven Longshanks about her new book with Willie Kriessmann, based on their translation of Herman Geisler’s memoirs about Adolf Hitler.

Carolyn is a revisionist historian who has been exposing the lies about world war two for the best part of the last two decades. She has websites, used to run a radio network, has authored books and currently occasionally appears on John Friend’s The Realist Report. Her new book shows a side of Hitler that is rarely seen from a sympathetic point of view, bringing the reader new insights into the man’s character and interests.

Geisler was Hitler’s confidante and he would travel to where Hitler was throughout his time as leader of Germany, so that he could relax and discuss art and architecture with him. Beginning with a visit to France just before the armistice, the book follows him around Europe as he records his memories of the conversations he had with the Fuhrer.

Carolyn explains how Hitler’s real talent lay in his ability for architecture, rather than as a painter. She explains how the Vienna school of art recognised this talent in him and encouraged him to study the dsicipline, instead of taking up painting. He took their advice, but continued to paint using the money he made from selling hundreds of paintings at art galleries to fund his studies.

As well as painting Hitler used to be a labourer, which gave him plenty of insight into how the working classes lived, as well as understanding of the practical difficulties of house building. His love of architecture meant that he had a personal hand in the designs that Geisler was responsible for and even in the bunker near the end of his life there was a room with a scale model of the building work that had been interrupted by the war.

Carolyn explains that Hitler always had a sense of his destiny even when very young, as she describes his vision of the future at the top of a mountain that he had scaled with his young friend who used to accompany him everywhere.

Eventually he would fulfil that destiny by leading Germany and the multi-national Waffen SS into Russia to save western Europe from Stalin’s planned invasion, although he is rarely honoured outside of our circles for doing so.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Carolyn Yeager

Aryan Insights: Carolyn Yeager on The Artist Within the Warlord - AI 021518


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